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jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

Pepper Tree - You're My People (1971) (CAN)

Formed 1967, NS, Canada

Disbanded 1974


Tim Garagan (drums, vocals, 1967-73),
Ritchie Richmond (bass, 1967-69),
Lenny Brennan (guitar, 1967-69),
Tony Argent (guitar, 1967),
Bonnie Oulton (vocals, 1967-68),
Bob Quinn (keyboards, 1967-73),
Doug Billard (vocals, 1968-69),
Jim White (guitar, 1969-71),
Chris Brockway (bass, 1969-74),
Joel Zemel (guitar, 1971),
Matt Minglewood (guitar, vocals, 1971),
Terry Hatty (vocals, 1971),
Rick Edgett (guitar, 1971),
Paul Butler (guitar, 1971),
Brian "Too Loud" Macleod (drums, 1973-74),
Ralph Parker (keyboards, 1973-74)


01. You're My People
02. Carry On
03. How Many Times
04. Try
05. Airplane
06. Oh Yeah
07. Yellow Man
08. Turn Around
09. I Could Not Control It
10. From A Candle
11. Workin'
12. Everywhere
13. Love Is A Railroad
14. Love Is A Railroad (Vinyl)
15. Mr Pride
16. Put A Smile Upon Your Face

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