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sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Walpurgis - Queen Of Saba (1972) (ALE)

01. Disappointment (Ryszard Kalemba) - 3:41
02. Queen Of Saba (Kalemba/George Früchtenicht) - 5:05
03. Daily (Kalemba/Früchtenicht) - 6:52
04. Hey You, Over There (Kalemba/Früchtenicht) - 4:19
05. What Can I Do (To Find Myself?) (Kalemba/Früchtenicht) - 6:57
06. My Last Illusion (Kalemba) - 11:13

- George Früchtenicht - congas, flute
- Ryszard Kalemba - guitar
- Jerzy Sokolowski - guitar, vocals
- Manfred Stadelmann - drums, vocals
- Jürgen Dollase - keyboards (Wallenstein)

contraseña: sam1957

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